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Press Release – January 15, 2016

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Meaningful Discussion with Minister Fassbender regarding Capacity Building in BC non-profit sector

Sharon Wilkie-Jessiman and members of the board of directors of Glasshouse Capacity Services Society met with Minister Fassbender yesterday to discuss changes to the BC Gaming Guidelines to allow non-profits to use proceeds to build capacity in their organizations. “This would be a game changer for BC non-profits, ” Sharon said “and long overdue. The case has been made that increased and higher caliber services will result from investment in our voluntary sector”. We had meaningful discussion with the Minister and we felt he was aware of the issues and heard our message. Minister Fassbender said that he is “more than prepared to have input on the process from the organizations you represent on how we can improve”. Glasshouse has been invited to continue the conversation with his office.

See the full presentation: Fassbender Presentation

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