Bookkeeping for Small Business, Charities and Non-profits

As business practices come under more scrutiny, the need for bookkeepers is increasing. Bookkeeping is a job in the field of accounting that involves collection, analysis and recording financial data. Qualified bookkeepers are in high demand for various roles in organizations of all sizes. Many bookkeepers are self-employed and/or establish their own practices, working from home.

Registered Canadian Charities have particular differences like issuing tax receipts that bookkeepers are required to know. We are not aware of any other bookkeeping training that includes specific information for non-profits and charities. Charities have requirements to keep their books per accounting standards.

Our Online Bookkeeping Fundamentals Course provides students with the foundation to face the challenges in today’s small business environment and non-profit organizations, integrating bookkeeping concepts with the changing technology.

Those who complete the program will be able to enter the job market with confidence in a role that requires entry level bookkeeping skills. This program is designed for individuals who have no knowledge of bookkeeping or are currently working in a bookkeeping role but are missing the formal training. Those persons new to Canada can benefit from this course particularly to augment the training from their home country. Bookkeeping is a core competency and many employees or job candidates can benefit from the addition of this course to their day to day work or resume.

Our training is different from other bookkeeping training as it includes the basics for GST, payroll and other Canadian Specific processes that any bookkeeper are required to know.

  • How do I set up a filing system?
  • How do I set up a small not profit books in an excel spreadsheet?
  • How does payroll work?
  • What is GST and how does it work?

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